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Lost within the stars of Fenrir
Lost within the stars of Fenrir
Snow and ice dominated this land. At the horizon black, tall and almighty mountains of Fenrir-Star stood; snow covered the mountain’s ridges. Beyond the mountains, grey clouds rolled and crashed into one another as they climbed further into the atmosphere. Soon the blue skies will no longer be visible but for now I must keep walking into the unknown.
I have no place here or anywhere. This was the last place on Monnark I wanted to be; nothing but the deadliest shows of Mother Nature in this forbid place. Fenrir-Star was place filled with riches and most beautiful of animals; the wolf. The New Rulers of Monnark, Sky and Alex came into power after there triumph over Siren and the cursed ones, there has been nothing but death for those who disobey there laws. I was punished. We were. I had to flea for my life and to protect them but even that didn't work. I watch them... I just couldn't... I never thought I would end up here. I never thought I would ha
:iconblaize955:Blaize955 2 0
Lost in the element that they are. Winter was what they lived for. In their high icy castles of the north.  The night sky beautiful as the hues of colour and light danced in whirls and swirls. Which painted the white ground below with tints of the light's colour.
They sing there songs of happiness and joy...but this bare land is now destroyed...
Standing alone; I wait for their songs. Songs of wisdom, happiness and hope. I am fool in believing that souls can sing and my mind is becoming less of what I was before. I miss the long songs of pure light and colour. The wind howls and ruffles my fur like blades of grass but I don't shiver in coldness because I am...Cold. The wind grows stronger with my living memories of wolves running around in the true lands we where born in before this destruction struck. Snowflakes fall; they dance in packs, circle around one another before they depart and lay to rest on the ground.
Taking in the air, I can feel the ice growing in
:iconblaize955:Blaize955 4 0
Four warriors
Thousand of feet down, beyond where giant amethyst crystal grows, there is a kingdom of the undead. A kingdom built only on bones, fire and woe. This place death can not take, where beings grow into skin and bones and one ruler who's rules cause those to fall into the firey heart of this place. Here in this place souls of rage do not rest and with these on going battles; I stand in wait. Some would say this is a warrior's paradise, a place they will go when they fall in battle on the grounds above me.
Here I stand on the wall, watching the battle unfold before, a battle to earn his respect and to gain more power than the being next to them. I may be twisted in many ways but we are all equal hell-hounds and souls alike. For I am not a born of this world but was cast away into this pity, a wolf with a twisted auto-ego that I can control unlike Siren who rules up top.
There he sits on his throne made of bone, he watches over this firey wasteland and now he demands that we shall fight for
:iconblaize955:Blaize955 1 0
Jared by apfelgriebs Jared :iconapfelgriebs:apfelgriebs 201 72 Thirty Seconds To Mars by Milbus Thirty Seconds To Mars :iconmilbus:Milbus 17 0 Up in the air by Aillita Up in the air :iconaillita:Aillita 135 20 And sang a song to save us all by Revenges-Cry And sang a song to save us all :iconrevenges-cry:Revenges-Cry 45 27
City of Angels
I just finished watching the official music video for City of Angels, and I think it made me realize that... I don't think I could ever elaborate, or find enough words or share my love for this band enough, to explain just how much they have done for me. And its so strange because, me being a person that has never had the opportunity to shake Jared, Shannon, or Tomos hand and just say thank you from the bottom of my heart,
well, I sure owe a HUGE part of my life, and I owe all of who I am to them, for not even having the opportunity to say, Hi. My name is Allison, You guys are my heroes, and you've made every dream that I've ever had possible, just because you believed in me, without even knowing me. The closest friends that I've ever had, our bond came to us through this band, and when I was in middle school and felt worthless, I discovered this band if almost by fate, or destiny, and their music, and this family, the echelon, and the band themselves, helped me realize that I don't ha
:icon30secondstomarsgroup:30SecondsToMarsGroup 8 10
Do or Die ... by Someone-Else79 Do or Die ... :iconsomeone-else79:Someone-Else79 178 91
Devious Journal Entry
Hey guys how are you? How has your day been? 
So just found a load of old photos from last year on my computer of me and my sisters in the snow and I have never laughed so much at photos they have cheer me right up XD and I can't wait for my holiday, Christmas and new years because I'm gonna with everyone I love ^^ (THAT WAS CHEESY BLAIZE) 
And I found more embarrassing photos and I also found a photo of when me and my best spud on valentines day brought a huge bar of chocolate and wrote From You me at six to Blaize and Daisy.... Oh the pecks of being single and an crazy friend like her. XD 
:iconblaize955:Blaize955 1 3
LOTR - Gandalf The Grey by ChibiMagics LOTR - Gandalf The Grey :iconchibimagics:ChibiMagics 31 5 Josh Franceschi - Horror chibi by Ninjabuscus Josh Franceschi - Horror chibi :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 5 12 Daryl by DavidDeb Daryl :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 886 58


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11 things about me...

1. I want to travel around the world, because I think there's so much out there to see.
2. I love horror films XD Especially zambies.
3. My fav song of all time is The Kill by 30 Seconds To Mars ( Check it out ->…   ).
4. I have 3 pet rats. Their called Spike, Tea and Scar <3.
5. I love the game Skyrim ( It's epic ).
6. I am really clumsy.
7. My best friend is Blaize aka Blaize955.
8. Currently eating breaky.
9. I love to read .
10. Currently confused 83.
11. I love checkerd XD and red .
 Umm I tag everyone do it if you want too :)


Daisy Brown
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United Kingdom
Hello Peoples!!!
Im back aka use to be :iconnastyeyes:, miss you random peps <3

Name- Daisy

Yeah and check out my best mate work

If you're a girl who's tired of people assuming that just because your a girl you love pink and can't fight to save your life, copy and paste this into your page.


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